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There is no greater challenge in hunting today than harvesting a trophy-class bull.

Let us help you get the trophy of your dreams at Hill Ranches!

Some Memories are Forever

Memories like these can be yours at the ranches of Ricardo, Rincon, and Rita. Against the Exciting backdrop of the Sangre de Cristo mountains of south-central Colorado, you will follow our guides to the hunt of your lifetime.

The three ranches offer 45,000 acres of nature at its best. Elevations found on this private land range from 6,700 feet to 13,670 feet. at the summit of Purgatoire Peak.

In fact, some of the Ricardo Bulls never leave the ranch in traveling from summer to winter range. By limiting our livestock grazing, we are able to maintain at least one half of the ranch exclusively for wildlife use. Your success is at the heart of all we offer, and thus only three hunters will be in camp at any one time.

All of the hunts are led by highly experienced guides. You can pick your trophy...elk, deer, bear, or mountain lion.

With our 95% success rate, you’re almost certain to get one of the famous "Bulls of Ricardo", with most of them being 6-by-6 or better! This quality is maintained by limiting our harvest to not more than 20 Bulls per year. This also enables us to maintain a ratio of 1 bull to 2 cows.

We offer both rifle and bow hunts. Perhaps you’ll want to hunt the peak of the rut with your rifle. And, of course, don’t forget your fishing gear.

Needless to say, you’ll enjoy the surroundings...from the beautiful changing colors of the Colorado landscape to the comfortable cabins and our family-style meals.

Our wildlife ranching program with the Colorado Division of Wildlife offers flexible hunt dates. You can join us Sept. 1 - Nov. 12 or Dec. 17 - 31. The Bull of your dreams can become a reality at Ricardo Ranches!

Hill Ranches

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